Saying Goodby to Our Home

We sold our home. I feel weird writing that sentence.  I suppose I should say we are under contract, I feel like no real estate transaction is official until you've signed what feels like 400 papers.  But, at this point we are cleared to close and all the is left is the final walk through.  I need to embrace the fact that this is really happening.  We are moving. Someone else is going to live in our house. Our home. My house.  Our first grown up home. It is hard for me to leave this house.  There are so many reasons why it is time for us to move on.  So many things about our new place that will be so much more comfortable.  Two toilets and an actual closet in our bedroom, for example. But, our little house downtown feels like home to me.  We poured ourselves into this house.  We spent countless hours slowly rehabbing the house.  We did more projects than I can list.  In addition to all the work, this is the only home our boys know.  They spent their first nights in the world here, they learned to walk on our 100 year old floors.  They grew up here. We grew up here.  We became our family. 

When we moved in 2007 our family looked like this.

Untitled In 2014, it has doubled.

IMG_0097 Also, the purchase of this house was one of the last life decisions I got to share with my mom. She passed away a week before closing.  My life looks so different now then it did when my mom was alive.  She missed so much of my transition into becoming a woman. But, I did get to share this house with her.  It has made it all the more hard to leave.  When we scheduled the closing for our house I cried.  I've been in denial.  I may have decorated a little for Halloween.  It wasn't until we scheduled a time and place to sign it over that it hit me.  We are leaving our house. So many emotional connections to this house.   I know it is time.  We are ready.

Here are few little farewell photos. Most the house in already boxed up. It feels so empty now.


So many conversations have a happen on this porch.  Some serious, some silly.
  walker3 IMG_0088 
We all hang out at the kids table.  Jason and I too.  Jason built that little table and chairs and they have got so much use.  One of my favorite spots in the house. 
  w7 w5 ww 
This drop cloth hides our closet area, which isn't a closet. Apparently a 100 years ago people didn't have as much crap. 


Alex decided to help me take photos of his room.   Do you know how hard it has been living in a house that has sold with two active boys?  We are constantly reminding them not to damage the house.  Alex started to swing on the door, because little boys do things like this, and Henry called out "don't hurt the house!  We are under contract, we can't break things!" To which we cracked up because it was true and awesome that our 5 year old knows we are "under contract."


The boys wanted posters for their room, which I hate so I made these little canvas for them.  They love them.  Alex actually slept with his Thomas painting a few nights.  Toddlers are weird.
Henry helped paint the background of this big owl painting when he was 18 months old.  The owl was an after thought, because Henry decided the painting was too scary. I should add the only reason I made this big painting for the boys was to hide the breaker box ;).
  IMG_0075 IMG_0077

520 Walker St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311
And lastly, our one and only bathroom.  I don't think I am going to miss this.  I will however miss my lovely claw foot tub that you can't see in this picture. 

It is hard not to feel emotional all over again looking at these pictures and all the projects.  We built an out building, put up a fence, put in new light fixtures, a new bathroom sink, we painted (and re-painted), we knocked down a wall, closed in a door, built a deck and landscaped (and landscaped again).  We left a mark on our 100 year old house and now it is time to let someone else love it.

We did buy another home (in Cleveland).  Which was an insane process, so insane we could not get our closings together and now we will be homeless for 10 days. All our worldly possessions are in a storage unit. Which Henry referred to as "the place we put all of our crap."  I reminded him that most people call it a storage unit but followed up by saying his explanation might better way to describe it.

Basically October is going to weird month. A month of ending and beginnings. Now, I've got to finish packing . . .