Mural Progress

I got to start the mural this weekend!  Weather has been hit and miss but I still managed to get a good bit done. At this point I am around 75% done. I wish I could publicly thank all the people who have supported me, encouraged me, helped me and/or let me borrow supplies but that list would be stupid long.  Just know, I love all of you.  I have never felt so loved and blessed.  I really do live in a wonderful community.

On Saturday morning, this what the under pass looked like.
 That is my awesome husband priming the underpass for me.  He is the best guys.
Later that afternoon we met under the underpass with volunteers to start painting the background.
Duane, my Run Now Relay teammate, did a little legal vandalism.  Which really helped to brighten the space. It is funny but just covering this ugly pipe was such a big change.
Then the kids got busy.
We had a lot of kids.  It was chaotic but in the best way! 
We stopped Saturday just before a big thunderstorm blew in.  The weather has been crazy.  Luckily we had great weather Sunday.  I got up and spent my whole day painting.  It was amazing.   Actually I spent a good bit of time alone. I really enjoyed it. I talked to all kinds of different people.  Our town really is great.  I had a few funny conversations, like one guy who asked if I had permission to paint the underpass.  I giggled then realized he was serious.  His follow up question, once he realized I had permission, was if the city was paying me.  Once he realized I was self funded and had permission he just turned around and walked off. Of course my favorite was this older gentleman who was riding a bike shirtless in jeans with Willie Nelson hair.  He rode up, loudly proclaimed "that is looking pretty darn good" then rode off. He kind of made my day.  Truthfully, the Greenway folks were awesome and so encouraging.  And while I did spend some time alone, I had lots of help and company too.
Rhonda from Create and Celebrate came by to spent a little while painting.  Then my friend Valerie brought her adorable girls out to paint. It was her husband who helped me pressure wash it. I also had some girls who helped on Saturday came back on Sunday.  I had an awesome high school student come and help this week too. This would have taken so much longer without volunteers helping me.
Jason and I had a bunch of friends from college in town for a wedding this weekend.  A few stopped by to say hello, which was so nice.  All the friendly faces made the day even more fun.  People were even willing to be in pictures with me when I know a smelled bad from sweating so much. It was SO HOT.  

It was such a fun day!  Here are few more shots of the progress.  It was been amazing to see the change. I still have a bit more work to do but I am hoping to finish it up this week.  I think painting a mural is like building a house. I don't really know much about building a house but I used to work for Habitat for Humanity, so it is the only metaphor I've got.  The first part of house construction is the most exciting. You go from foundation to a house.  People get so excited because it goes so quick. But, the end of the construction which doesn't seem as dramatic, takes the longest.  That is were I am. It is "roughed in" and a big change but now I am doing all the detail work.  Fortunately, this will only take days instead of months. Either way, it was exciting to see the "walls" of the mural up.
Wish me luck and let's hope for good weather.  Hoping to wrap this up by the weekend!
Thanks again for all the love guys!