I'm Painting a Mural on the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway!?! (Ahhh!)

I am crazy excited to announce that I have been approved by Clevenad/Bradley Greenway to paint a mural under on overpass on the greenway!?  I won't lie, this is basically a dream come true.  I am ecstatic about this project.   I have always been drawn to public art.  I believe in the idea that art should be enjoyed by everyone.  Public art is a great way to infuse a little art and happiness into everyone's life. A lot more people will see public art than will ever make make it into a museum or gallery. And, as a runner, I can't think of a better place to paint a mural.  For those of you who aren't local, our greenway is fantastic.  In fact, it is one of my favorite things about our town.  I live downtown so I can access the greenway from my house.  I have spent countless hours running on it.  And, because we do live in a small town, I almost always see friendly faces while I am out.  I just love the feeling of community that it brings.  Over the years, it has expanded (and is continuing to expand).  They have added parks, restrooms, picnic areas, ducks (we currently have baby ducks!) and public art.  It is wonderful.  I still can't believe I am going to get to contribute in a small way to a place I love so much.  For you locals, the specific underpass that will be targeted is on the 20th Street bridge.

Big concrete "canvas."  Jason and I estimated it around 500 square feet.  It is roughly 40 feet wide and 7 feet  tall (500ft is purposefully overestimated).  The painting will roll out on to the angled sides seen below.

This is the painting the mural will be based on.
It was really important for me to create something that was bright, imaginative and inspirational. I can't wait to see how this evolves as it is transfered to such a large scale. Like I said, I am over the top excited about this project!


Now, here comes the part where I need your help.  This is a self funded project.  Which means, I have to gather all the materials together and I am donating my time to this project.   I really believe in the city of Cleveland and the mission of the Greenway but I can't do this on my own.  There are several ways you can help.

1.  I need volunteer painters!  I would love the background to be painted by children in our community. If your family, church group or school is interested please let me know. Tentative dates and timeline below.  I could also use some grown-up helpers to prime, seal and to help block in the flowers.  If you'd like to help me please email me at jaime@barksblog.com.

2.  Give me  your old paint!  Seriously!  I am trying to bring in a recycling element. If you have some old household latex paint (interior or exterior), or other acrylic paint, laying around that you would like to donate, please let me know.  I need an assortment of colors and I don't need a whole can.  Email me at jaime@barksblog.com or message me on Facebook. 

3.  Sponsor or donate!  My over-all budget is pretty low for the project, so a little would go along way.  You can visit the Greenway website to donate  (all donations are tax deductible).  If you donate online just let me know so we can make sure it gets put towards the mural. I am also looking for a couple businesses to sponsor with either funds or in-kind donations.  If your business is interested please email me at jaime@barksblog.com or facebook message me.

4.  Spread the Word!  The more people who know the more likely I am to find supporters and volunteers.

Here is my tentative timeline for the mural.  I say tentative because weather will  play a huge role.  I will email supporters and post on this site if the date needs to be moved for rain.

Thursday June 12th - Prime Underpass (in afternoon/evening)
Friday, June 13th - Painting the background (kid's volunteer day starting in morning around 8 am)
Saturday, June 14th - Filling in the flowers (grown-up volunteers)

I will continue working on the mural through the week and in to the next weekend until it is done.  Ideally, weather permitting, I would like to seal it on Saturday the 21st. I'll be posting on social media when I will be working on the mural.  Feel free to pop by and say hi if you out and about.

And, just for fun, here are some pictures of the greenway. Speaking of public art, how great is this sculpture?!

This is by Josh Coleman. He has several pieces on the greenway. I love his work and I got to meet him a few weeks back, seriously nicest and most inspiring guy.

Do you remember being swung around like this as a kid?  It is the greatest feeling ever.


And because I am a dork, I pulled some of my running photos of the greenway and put them in Flipgram.  Here is a little peak at the greenway through the season.

As always, thanks for supporting me! I feel like all the encouragement and support I've gotten through my blog is a huge reason I am even about to undertake this project. I love you guys.