My redemption: Day 2

I won't say the day went off without a hitch. Someone (me) woke up late and was rushing to the drop off point. Luckily, we made it in plenty of time. Just a little hectic though. Oh, and then there was the brief moment when we lost a runner in the middle of nowhere. But, all in all, today was the greatest day. Just amazing. All of our runs went beautifully! My leg was fantastic. I felt hydrated and great. I did not pee my pants and I held a respectable pace (9.30) through rolling Tennessee hills. I got to run with Ben and it was just lovely.

We took these awesome railroad pictures while one of our poor teammates was running some brutal hills.  

All of our team mates had great runs.  Go Blue Boston Boomerangs! The weather was warm but our group missed running in the worst of the heat today. That was definitely a welcomed change from yesterday.  

We may have been blasting Bon Jovi singing at the top of our lungs as we encouraged Yuri while he tackled some beautiful Tennessee hills on the way to Davey Crockett's birth place. 

In fact, we did a lot of cheering.  One of my favorite things about this run so far is being part of a team. I love supporting each other and knowing I have the support of this group.

The runners had a picnic that was donated by Panera. At this point we had been on the road since 4 am and had just finished our leg without a full meal. I always love Panera but this was extra amazing. 

We even got a chance to be interviewed by the Johnsoncity, TN TV station.

You know you have a good group when you can laugh about being crowded in a car like this. We are doing our official team sign... why? Because we are cool like that.

We also got to watch one of our teammates in another group complete his second full marathon. Yes, full marathon. Johnny Clemmens is running a marathon a day until we get there. And, he did it so fast I couldn't even get a good picture.

Then the highlight of my day. I got to lay on finish line at the Bristol speedway. 

Dude, the bank on the curves was insanely steep!

Then, we headed to downtown Bristol. Some amazing folks bought us a delicious dinner, then us gals got to take a photo standing on the state line of Tennessee and Virginia. The middle of the road is a state line.

Tonight we are camping in our support trailer and the guys are sleeping in a church gym. Well, except the team running. Because remember someone is always running, no matter what.  I'll admit, we are tired. But, in the best way. Not only have we had fun but we've got to share with so many people why we are doing this. Because yes, we've had a blast but this is more than fun. We are running with a cause. To stand with Boston and the running community. And, to benefit kids wounded in the bombing and to help underprivileged kids in Boston have access to sports. I love that this is an adventure with a purpose. 

We are still short of our goal of raising a $1000 before we leave Tennessee. We will officially head out of the state tomorrow. Please consider helping us out (if you haven't done so already).  Donate at 

PS. Tomorrow is our first night leg! I'm a touch nervous. We will be running through the Virgina hills. Oh my!!!