Long, fun and awesome runs

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm not sure what day it is.  The last few days have been wild. We had three night legs back to back.  I just woke up for the day, at noon. We've ran through Tennessee, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware and we are getting ready to hit Pennsylvania.  Yes, I'm sleep deprived and at times it has been hard but it has been the most amazing journey and I can't wait to get to the Boston finish line. Here are a few (a lot) of pictures and an overview of what we've been up to.

Our second night run was rough. Hands down it was our worst run.  We were running on just a couple hours sleep.  In the hills of Virgina. It was also freezing and so windy. 

Luckily the snow stayed away but it was still rough. It was dark, cold and windy. We were also running on a busy four lane highway. Lots of fast moving 18-wheelers. This made it dangerous for the support vehicle to stay close by the runner. Also, the lanes were divided often with trees. It was stressful.  Since the runners were on their own, we decided Tricia and I would run together while Ben doubled up on legs (which he has done every leg. He is running a half marathon a day!? Crazy!) Turns out, it was a good idea because my headlamp stopped working and I lost my flashing arm band. Like I said, it was a rough run. Tricia got a power nap in the car and she was on fire. Also, I over bundled and got way overheated. Eventually towards the end of the end of the run I settled in. Then Tricia kicked a dead opossum on the side of the road, which was histerically gross at 3am.  One of our runners, who is a fire fighter ran into some firemen. After talking to them their volunteer fire department made a donation to our cause. 

We finished our leg up and headed to the DC hotel. To say we were exhausted would be an understatement. We didn't eat, we just crashed when we rolled into out crazy nice donated hotel rooms. I immediately fell asleep.  I could have slept all day but we had to be up and moving by 12 noon.

Now, I can function on little sleep but I don't do well when I'm not fed. It isn't pretty folks.  We were rushing to our meeting spot in downtown DC. And, the odds of real food were slim.  Blame it on the three hours of sleep but I got so overwhelmed. I thought I was going to burst into tears. I may have even suggested skipping the capital run in favor of just setting alone in the car in a parking garage.  I was so hungry and dehydrated from the night before. My teammates were kind and I feel I mildly controlled my meltdown. You don't know the joy I felt when we found a Starbucks. Coffee and a panini was all I needed to feel human again. It is the small things that bring the most joy!

And, running through Washington was simply amazing. Here is Ben's website which captures everything in video.

A senior member of our congress presented us a flag, president Obama drove by, and we ran with members of the DC track club to the Capital building. It was such an amazing experience running through DC.  

After our run, we ate some amazing food. French fries with truffle whip and a smoked sausage loaded with pico and guacamole. This was the greatest meal ever. We got to see a bit of DC and we managed to visit Arlington Cemetery. We also accidentally crashed a paid tour. We didn't realize it untill we were on the tram. Luckily, no one caught us free loading. Then we crashed and geared up for our third night shift.

This graveyard shift was amazing! It was cold, in the thirties, but not windy. Our team kept a great overall pace. I ran solo and it was amazing. I borrowed safety gear from my teammates until I can replace my lights.  I did get some crazy elevation. Lots of Maryland hills. One was over a mile of steep incline. I made it. I made it feeling strong!  Which was basically unbelievable. I've worked so hard. There was something so empowering about hitting those hills alone in Maryland at 3am in the light of the full moon. The boys did manage to run past a giant Buddha. Yeah, the things you see in the middle of the night.

And, look at how far we've been.

Let's do this thing! Tennessee tough Boston bound. Thanks for all the love guys. The support has been great.