Chubby Lane: Day 3

At 1:40 am this morning I was running through a hotel lobby with my arms full of crazy running gear trying to get in the car and to the runner exchange. In that moment, I'll admit, I questioned my sanity. Normal people are sleeping and I'm heading out to run in the rain. I'll be honest, I was nervous about running at night out in the Virginia countryside. All this combined with the fact I knew I'd be heading out alone had me feeling a bit anxious.  We rushed out to our exchange spot and released our first runner while dancing on the side of the road to "Insane Membrane." Guys, the LED arm bands we wear just invite dancing!Yuri tackled hills and pouring rain like a beast. At this point I started my pre-run freak out. I get obsessive. I like to thrip or check my gear. But, it was dark and I was feeling a little a bit loopy.  I kept loosing my gear. I made a teammate call my phone 3 times because I kept dropping it. She was so sweet and indulged my crazy. In fact my whole team was great because I was strung out. I was the third runner and as it got closer I started to crash. So, Ben gave me a energy shot, loaded with caffeine.

This reflects my feelings. Crazy! When it was time to leave, I was a ball of nerves. But, as my feet hit the pavement I was overcome with peace. It was so incredibly peaceful. My music app wouldn't play, so it was just me and the sounds of the night. I headed out at 4am. I was having an adventure while the rest of the world was asleep. I thought running at night, in the rain, would be terrifying but it wasn't. It was exhilarating. I ran through the countryside and through a sweet little Virginia town. I even ran by Chubbys Lane.

My team was close by the whole time. I only got spooked once. While the van was out of site a big rig pulled over right beside me. When I got beside the truck they turned their lights off. I started feeling nervous and was frantically looking for my team. Which, of course, I couldn't find. At this point, I had my pepper spray locked loaded. I brought it for wild animals but I was about to use it on a trucker. Then when I got to the end of the truck, he started backing up. I almost peed my pants . . . again. I was gearing up for a dead heat when I realized he was picking up a trailer someone had left for him. He wasn't trying to murder me. He was trying to do his job.  Still, I was pretty relieved to see my support car.  The rest of the run went amazing. Just me and the sound of the falling rain. I even set a PR. 

I came off the run elated. I had a runners high combined with a caffeine rush from the energy gel. I may have ran around the van and tripped on the luggage rack. I feel like I should apologize to my team for the crazy hyper moment I had because I ran alone in the middle of the night. All of my team killed those rolling hills. Rain can't keep the Blue Boston Boomerangs down. 

Remind me I said that later because we are heading out again tonight. Two legs in less than 24 hours. Below is a picture of were we will be running on our schedule. I took this in our awesome command center. 

When we aren't running (or sleeping) we've been trying to enjoy the amazing landscape. We've been between Roanoke and Charlottesville.

Natural Bridge, VA