Making a house a home

I've always been a spontaneous decorator. My philosophy has been along the lines of 'something on the wall is better than nothing on the wall.' But, right after we knocked down our wall (a couple years ago) I was paralyzed with indecisiveness. I blame it on Pinterest. Pinterest is full of image after image of designer perfection. Not just magazines but personal blogs (i.e. real people). I got so stressed and fixated on creating a perfectly decorated space.  We have also been back a forth about possibly moving which caused me to be a bit apathetic. Because of this my house remained in an undecorated limbo for an embarrassing amount of time. Finally, a couple of months ago, I decided to start creating a space I wanted to live in. The thing is, I've always had an eclectic style. I had to come with peace with the fact that my style is unique and that is okay. Crazy and colorful fits us. We are weird and our house is weird (it has two front doors and is over a 100 years old). My house isn't going to look like a perfect blogger house or magazine.  Once I stopped comparing my house to pinterest pictures, I found I was able to decorate without inhibition. And the results is an eccentric cheerful space. I know my style might not be everyone ones cup of tea but that is cool. The result is a space that reflects us and that didn't cost us a ton of money. I  am cheap thrifty. I like to shop at thrift stores and clearance racks. My cornices might be made from goodwill sheets, which makes me love them even more! I love reusing and re-purposing without spending tons (any) of money. Yes, I love looking at West Elm catalogs but let's be honest, even if I could afford it, I don't think I'd feel at home in those rooms. But, I do feel at home in this quirky little space. And, Jason does too. In passing I mentioned how much I loved that he let me create a vivid mis-matched house. To which he responded "I'd love even more color." That my friends is a sign we were meant to be.

Here are few pictures.  It is still a work in progress.  We are actually refinishing the fireplace and working on the accent wall in the living room as well as working on the bedrooms.  But, we've accomplished enough that I snapped a few photos.


We hung some art and moved my art cabinet out of the dinning room. I don't miss it at all. The space is so much cleaner and more open.  I downsized my art supplies to only what I use and love.  It was hard but freeing.  I really am drawn to the notion of living with less.  The best thing about a small house is that is forces you not to accumulate much stuff and not having clutter is very freeing.


I finally made some curtains for the dinning room. It took a while but I finally found a sheet at a thrift store that works perfect.


I love this paisley pattern. I've also been working to actually print and frame family pictures.  Pictures make a house feel like a home (to me at least).


We also built window cornices. No more naked windows! We used plywood and L-brackets. There are tons of tutorials out there. In fact we used left over plywood and a thrift store fabric. Which means we paid under $20 for both of these. I love cheap projects.


It isn't perfect (or finished yet) but it is much better than it was (see below). And, I feel like it is a nice cheerful reflection of our family.


You can read more about of little remodel here and see pictures before Jason knocked down the wall.

Here are a few more photos our space.


Confession, this dog is never hustlin'. This pillow was my winter embroidery project, I love to snuggle on the couch on a cold night and embroider.  Seriously.


Love this antique dresser.  I still need to find some knobs for the top drawer.  I love how wonky the mirror is, it is so old.


My favorite family photos.


Put a little nightstand (that I got for free from a friend, hi Whitney!) in the dinning room for the boys library books and to hold their art supplies. This has been a great addition and well used (as you can see) little storage area.

 Sometimes I like to collect little things.


Our spring mantle has painted magnolia leaves. Henry helped me paint them. I didn't preserve them so they are turning brown but I still love them. I had planed to do a detailed painting on the leaves and dip them in wax. But, Henry got so excited about the idea of painting leaves and I couldn't tell him no.  He also helped with the little mixed media blocks.


PS.  Henry decided he needed to write his name on the outside of the house so his friends could find it.  And of course, he did with permanent marker. The sweetest part is that he didn't realize it was bad.  He came inside so excited to tell me he marked the house.  We decided to leave it.  It is kind of sweet.