Downtown Cleveland in the Snow

We got an astounding amount of snow for our little corner of Tennessee.  We measured 8 1/2 inches at our house.  It is so beautiful that I couldn't resist documenting it.  I love Cleveland, I didn't think I could love living here more but I was wrong.  Seeing my town covered in a thick blanket of snow made me fall in love all over again.  I also had a love burst for Jason this morning.  We've reached a point in our relationship where he no longer feels like he needs to offer to go with me on a snow photo walk.  He knows I'd rather be alone and I know that walking around taking pictures isn't his idea of fun. He just sweetly kept the kids why I roamed around.  It was magical.  So very quiet and lovely this morning.  Snow really is the best.

^ My favorite building in Cleveland.  HOME.

I made my first snow angel in years.  It was more fun than I remembered. Now I am off to build a snowman with the boys! Happy Snow Day!