Everything I love

I believe there is a difference between painting and creating art.  For me, art is a form of expression.  It is about using paint to tell your story.  It should be emotional and meaningful.  All admit, it is hard at times to paint this way.  Especially when you start selling your work.  I often hear that little voice in the back of my head "will anyone want to buy this?"  This is a huge struggle for me.  I want to be successful but I also want paint from my heart and explore all the feeling and emotions inside of me.  I've been thinking about this a lot. With this in mind, I created this piece.

Everything I love 16 x 20 inches watercolor on paper.

I'm calling it "Everything I love."  I am actually building a series from this piece. A small body of work that is designed to explore the things I am drawn to.  It is a bit darker than my normal work. I can be a bit melancholy at times.  Truthfully since having kids,  I struggle with small spells of minor depression.  Nothing major but just a touch of sadness at times.  I think I've avoided the use of a lot of dark colors in my work because it seemed sad or masculine.   I follow a bunch of female artist and their work all seems to be cheery.  While I am sure I will still have happy and bright paintings from time to time, I wanted to work in negatives.  I feel like there is a story to be told in the darkness.

In addition to exploring my own thoughts and feelings on life, family and faith I also felt the need to return to my favorite medium, watercolor.  I often tell people that watercolor is my favorite paint, my first love.  There is something about the fluidity and transparency that appeals to me.  Yet, I don't use it much in the paintings I sell or show.  They are primarily done in acrylic.  Over the last few weeks I've been experimenting with different applications and I have found a way of creating the texture and body I like from acrylic paint with watercolor.  I am also painting on watercolor paper.  I paint on canvas because it is the thing to do but in truth I love painting on paper.  It is my favorite.  I am returning to the things I love.

I've got several paintings in progress but I have completed the second painting in the series.  It is a companion piece to the first.  Truthfully, I did it for Jason.  I am drawn to little houses, I feel like they are symbolic of home and family.  Jason doesn't really like them, so at his request I created a painting without the house.   I am still partial to the one with the house but I like the mood in this one.

Three Trees 20 x 16 inches watercolor of paper

I wanted to show the scale of these painting so I got the boys to help me. Henry was really excited.



I am excited about my first real series.  I can't wait to share the rest of them with you. Both originals are for sale, and if you are interested you can email me at jaime@barksblog.com.  I plan on taking them to my upcoming fall shows.  I do have prints of each in my etsy store.