Coffee paintings

I love painting with coffee. I find it very relaxing.  I love watercolors as well and the process is very similar.I really enjoy the natural, aged quality that it gives to the paintings.  Somehow being so limited with a color pallet is freeing.   You think less about color and more about values and shadows.  It is a great exercise.  Here are a few I have done in the last couple of months. These are all done 100% with COFFEE.  No paint involved!

Birch Trees in the Snow


Coffee painting of coffee, it was meant to be.


Monet's garden at Giverny, in coffee. Below is a tiny reference photo.   I feel like it is cliche to say I love Monet, but I do. He was the first artist that really captured my imagination as a child. There is something so simple and moving in his work. Also, really hard to only do in one color :)

Poppies.  Because I apparently can't stop painting them. 


Old barn and below simple trees.


Don't you love playing with your food?  Every time I paint with coffee I feel like I am setting a bad example for the boys.  And yes, I always have a hot cup for sipping while painting.  And yes, I often stick my paint brush in the mug I am drinking.  It is a hazard of coffee art.  Luckily, I stopped drinking cream.  Now I just need to cut down my caffeine intake . . . .