Come Celebrate!

Everyone needs to hear this song.


Do you ever just have something pierce your heart because it is so beautiful and true?  This song is the most perfect and truthful illustration of life.  It is Hard.  And, that is okay.  I feel like there is a disconnect between being happy and being honest.  I feel that true happiness is being content in the crappie times.  It isn't about glossing over difficulties or pretending things are perfect when they are aren't.  The ability to say "things are terrible right now, but they aren't always going to be this way" is vital to being truly happy.  Not a fake peppy attitude, but a true contentment.  Life is a bitch.  Terrible things happen.  Amazing things happen. There are times when you feel on top of the world and there are times when you feel like you are at the bottom of a deep abyss.  Acknowledging that things are hard isn't weakness, it is what makes you strong.  Living though the pain and darkness makes you a better person.  Your struggles are what make you human.  And, for me at least, being truthful about the ugly parts makes me happier in the long run.  I want my kids to to know this.  Bad things will happen.  You will get hurt.  You can't avoid pain.   You have to take the good with the bad.  What matters is how you respond.  Let's celebrate, life is hard.  It is getting crushed but it is also finding joy, falling in love and moving on.  Life is beautiful, in all its many forms.

"Life is Hard" by Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros

Life is beauty through and through 
Life is sunny, life is cool 
Life is even easy too 
But if my word is to be true 
Life is something to behold
But if the truth is to be told
Let us not leave out any part 
Do not fear, it's safe to say it here 
You will not be called a weakling nor a fraud 
For feeling the pain of the whole wide world 
You want to help but can't help the feeling you cannot 
And it's killing you while you're just trying to smile from your heart 
So go on, say it, on the same knees you're praying 
Yes, life is hard 

Come celebrate 
Life is hard
Come celebrate
Life is hard 
All life is all we are 

Celebrate it in the sun, promenade it with everyone elevate it in a song 
And I'll be there to play it, don't get me wrong 
When I feel like dying and being gone 
When life is hard 
There's just one thing, let's not forget 
Yes! life is it! 
Life is it, life is it, it's where it's at 
It's getting skinny, getting fat
It's falling deep into a love, it's getting crushed just like abut 
Life there's no love, it's getting beat into the ground 
It's getting lost and getting found, to growing up and getting round 
It's feeling silence, feeling sound 
It's feeling lonely, feeling full It's feeling oh so beautiful! 

Yes! Come celebrate 
Life is hard 
Come celebrate 
Life is hard All life is all we are

PS.  This isn't the first time I've shared my love of Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros (see here and here).  Their newest album is beautiful.  Please, please listen to it.  While this song is my favorite, the whole album is great.  I am also very found of "Better Days." As with all my music, I will acknowledge that Jason is the reason I found them.  I still remember him calling me into the room to watch their NPR Tiny Desktop circa 2009.  I had no idea the profound affect they would have on me. I can't totally explain it but they really do speak me.  I know that sounds super pretentious and abstract but it is true.  While looking up a video of "Life if hard" I found this little clip of the band before a show, I love it.