I choose to see the good

My mom used to say if you look for evil you will see it but also if you look you can usually find good too.  I never really put any thought into the expression.  It was just one of those phrases I heard over and over as a child. However, it has been on my mind a lot the last few months.  There has been so much pain and suffering in the world.  It is easy to look around and find yourself feeling bogged down by all the evil and darkness.  But, with every tragedy there is also an outpouring of good.  You can look around and see the kindness in people.  There is always a flood of generosity.  Strangers giving of themselves to help others. Thoughts of love and prayers of peace flooding the universe on behalf of people we don't know.  This is what I choose to see.  The good.  The love. The kindness.  I want to raise my boys to know that while there is evil there is also goodness.  The good of humanity is stronger than the hate of the few.

the good W 

I picked up a map at Goodwill. I'd been planning to paint a portrait but when I glued down the map I realized that it was of Boston. I decided to put my thoughts into visual form.  I choose to remember the good that was visible after the attack.  I choose to see the good in the world (and to hopefully let that good shine through me).

PS.  This original was a small wood sign with a wire hook. I never got a good picture of it, you can catch a glimpse of it on my table last weekend.  The original sold.  I do have prints available if you are interested.