Mason Jar Lid Magnets Tutorial


Guys, I love magnets.  I do.  I can't help myself.  And I've been having so much fun making them as of late!  I stumbled across a tutorial for bottle cap magnets and I started making them from my art prints. I'm obsessed with dimensional modpodge. While I was working on these, I happened to notice one of my old canning bands laying on the counter.  And, just like that I got the best idea.  Jar lid magnets!  Don't you love when that happens?  I'm the first to admit that not all my ideas work out. Ask Jason. But, I am so happy this one did. While I was working on these, Henry asked if we could make one with his picture in it. While I love seeing my art prints as magnets the thought of a photo was too cute to pass up.  I decided to share my process because I thought this would be a cute gift idea (mother's day maybe?).


Here is what you need:

- Mason jar lid and bands (you can buy this separate from the jars)
- Super glue (I used E-6000)
- Dimensional Mod Podge
- Glue (regular Mod Podge or general craft glue)
- Photo
- Self adhesive Magnets (craft store or hardware store)

Step ONE:

Glue your bands into the lids. Make sure you use a strong glue.  I used gorilla glue my first go around.  It worked okay, but it kind of foams up and gets a little messy. I wouldn't recommend it. The second time I used E-6000, much better.  Also, make sure you get a good seal. If not, your modppdge will leak out all over your counter. I learned this lesson first hand. Also, you should cover your counters before working with glue (oops).  I like to turn the lid clockwise a little once it is placed in the band.  It helps make sure you've got a good seal. Make sure you let your lids dry before moving on.


Step TWO:

Cut your photo.  I used an extra lid to trace.  You want it just a smidge smaller.  I cut just inside the line.  If you are a really exact person, you could get a big circle punch.  I decided to free hand it, because those jokers are kind of expensive!



Glue your photo into your lid using a general purpose glue. I used regular Mod Podge. I like the rotate the phote clockwise once inside the lid to insure a good seal. Let glue dry.


Step FOUR:

Apply the dimensional Mod Podge. I read a review of lots of dimensional glues and Mod Podge had the best rating.  It was also the cheapest. I swear Mod Podge didn't pay me for this post.   This stuff is so cool.  You just pour it in. You want to create a nice thick coating.  It will look all cloudy but it drys clear.  Make sure you have a needle ready to pop any bubbles.  In this case, bubbles are not your friend. Once your bubbles are popped just set back and let that bad boy dry.  It takes a couple of hours.


Above is right after it is poured.  Below is after drying a few hours.  Crystal clear and shiny!


Step FIVE:

Attach your magnets.  You need to get a thick magnet because the jar lid is a bit concaved.  I only mention this because at first I bought flat magnetic strips and they didn't work.  I got self adhesive magnets  Once your magnets are attached, you are done.


That is it.  Now it is time to pimp your fridge! What, what!


You can see some of my art print magnets in the background and my stickygrams! Best gift ever (thanks Jenn).  I promise we have pictures of our other son but some how they didn't make it into this post.  


Here are my other art magnets.  These are a little hard to photograph because of the pretty, glossy finish.  These sold well at the show last weekend.  I'm working on some more for my next event.  The square ones are mini-canvases, the dimensional modpodge gives them a nice beveled look. 


Let me know if you have any questions and please let me know if you manage to whip up a magnet   This is a super fun little project that would work with quotes, photos, art prints and scrapbook paper. Aren't magnets the greatest?