Painting with coffee

When I was at Bonlife Coffee  for some collaborative painting fun, the owner causally asked me if I'd ever painted with coffee.  No. No, I hadn't even thought about painting with coffee.  And just like that, I became slightly obsessed.  I started googling like a fiend and the next day I was working on coffee sketches.  What you might not know about me is, I LOVE COFFEE. Like, a lot. I started drinking it when I was three.  Okay, it was mostly milk and sugar, but my mom would often make me a morning cup.  It was kind of our thing.  Of course everyone fussed at my mom about it stunting my growth.  And, if it did, I'm grateful.  At 5' 10', I am one of the tallest people in my family. I'm a good 5 inches taller than my mom and my sisters (and about 3" taller than my husband.)  Anyway, back to my initial statement. I adore coffee.  I drink it religiously.  If I don't have my morning coffee .  . .  well, I don't know because I don't miss it.  But, I'm pretty sure it would be bad.  I just love snuggling up with a good cup of strong coffee.  Some of the most meaningful conversations in my life were had over coffee. Jason and I fell in love over a cup of coffee in Panera.  And, when ever we need to dream about the future or have serious conversations, it is always over coffee.  And then, there is my mom.  When I was a teenager, we started having afternoon coffee together.  She would brew a pot of flavored coffee and we would sit down and talk.  This tradition became even more important when I moved off to college. She would always have a pot of hazelnut coffee for us.  Truthfully, not long into college, I grew out of flavored coffee.  I like the bold stuff that tasted like, well, coffee.  But I never told her because our afternoon chats meant so much to me.  Basically, coffee is special to me.  I love it.  I realize lots of other healthy minded folks don't drink it, but the thought of giving it up makes me want to cry. It is my vice.  I don't drink soda or sweet tea (I know, how I can call myself a southern!).  Coffee with cream makes me smile.  Naturally, painting with coffee was a perfect fit for me.


As for my process, it is very much trial and error. I've been using used ground espresso from Bonlife coffee.  I make the coffee pretty dark and then I will boil it down more to get darker shades.  It is a little time consuming, because you have to apply the coffee in layers in get the darker shades.  It is slower than my normal work but I've really enjoyed the pace.  I find it relaxing.


I'm in the process of putting the originals and prints in my Etsy shop. If you are interested head over or shoot me an email (