Backyard update

Do you every read blogs, expecially personal blogs, and think, "Is this REALLY what their homes look like?" Whenever I look at perfectly stylized pictures I think this can't be reality.  I try to be real, but I too am guilty of wanting to perfectly frame something before showing it.  For example, we totally redid our front porch this spring.  We repainted our doors, got new furniture and I even made some handmade wreaths.  But, I have yet to post a photo, because we haven't gotten around to pressure washing the house and I don't want to show off my new doors because of my dusty siding.  And no, I'm still not posting photos.  This is actually about my yard.  This spring, I was kicking it when it came to yard work.  I was making some massive progress.  And then, Alex became mobile.  He was delayed due to low muscle tone and I got used to having him just set on a blanket.  It was easy to build flower beds and put down mulch when he wasn't moving.  Henry is old enough I don't have to worry about him eating dirt.  Once Alex started moving, it was all over.  The weeds crept into all of the beds and the garden fun stood to a stand still.  I had visions of having a post at the end of summer showing my lovely flower beds and a yard full of whimsical wonder.  In reality I've spent the summer just trying to keep plants alive.  Finding time to sneak out and just water my yard has become a challenge.  I still kept hoping to get the backyard all neat and tidy.  But, it is just isn't happening.  So, I've decided to roll with it. I'm just going to give you a little look around the yard.  To hell with the weeds.  Glossy perfection is overrated (and unrealistic with toddlers).  Here is the yard, as it is.



See my super cute little wind chime from terra cotta pots?  Don't you love it?  Jason made it for me for our aniverasary.  Knowing my love of handmade goodies, he skimmed my pinterst account and decided to make this pin for me.  Our anniversary was in May.  I kept putting off taking a picture because of my messy flower bed.  And then . . . 


We had a really bad storm with crazy strong winds and two of the pots broke.  Moral of this story, take pictures right away. 


This is chime is in the bed with my lavender with is blooming!  I've tried growing lavender several times in pots with no luck.  This time, I think we have a keeper.  They smell like heaven.  


I wanted to update on my chain link fence art. It is holding up beautifully.  It looks the loveliest first thing in the morning when the morning glories are all in bloom.  Of course, I can't seem to get a photo of that, so here is a shot in the evening.  I love to walk out in the morning with my coffee in hand and look at the blooms, quite magical.


My sheet metal flowers has held up amazingly well. I was a little worried about it.  But, so far so good.  You can see my tin can planters framing it.  There have been moved all over the fence with summer.  Definitely recommend using s-hooks to hang them.  That way you can move them really easily.


I didn't paint mine solid (you could see a bit of the metal underneath).  And, like I hoped they would, they have rusted a little.  I love the rust, so much visual interest.   The flowers haven't seemed to mind the rust but I wouldn't use them to grow herbs or veggies in. 


We stained our deck, or at least part of it.  The weather hasn't been cooperating with us.  Hopefully, we will get a few sunny days leading up to Jason's off day soon.  Can't seal it wet. But for now we are rocking the two tone look.  And the toys, let's be honest they're always there. 


Henry grew cherry tomatoes this year.  I wish he ate them.  He just likes to roll them down his slide. 


Jason built a bird house for Henry using a plan I found on pinterest.  Once it was built, we let Henry paint it.  It was a really fun project.  But, I think all the bright colors scare the birds because we've never seen a bird at it.  But, it is still cute.  


I turned an old chair into a planter. I had visions of it having ivy growing all over it.  Well, apparently I picked the worlds slowest growing variety.  It was engulfed by impatiens. I guessing in like 5 years it might take over the chair . . . maybe. Oh, see my rain barrel in the corner? I never get to use it because a little three year old helps himself to the water.  He tries to water the plants. It is so cute I can't stop him. 


And, my wind chime. It withstood some crazy storms but apparently couldn't withstand a bunch of kids.  This weekend it met it's demise.  The kids were hitting it like a pinta, so it didn't really stand a chance. I think I can repair it.  It is the chain on top that go jacked up.  It is still hanging, just a little crooked.  


And last, the cutest little killer of productivity.  Baby Alex.  I wanted to share this because he sits in the swing while I water the plants.  I give him a push and water an plant.  Needless to say,it takes a while but we've made it work.  Hopefully by next summer he will stop trying to pick up dog poop. 

PS.  My garden mushrooms didn't make it past june.  It wasn't their fault.  Henry kept messing with them and eventually he broke them all. I think if he hadn't messed with them they would still be going strong.  Oh well, we will add them to our list for next spring.