Young House Love has been hosting Pinterest challenges every so often.  I never play along, but I always think about it.  The idea is to push you to get off your butt and make one of the gazillion pins you have cluttering your pinterest boards.  Finally, I found the motivation to partipate.  Sherry posted that she was going to create some abstract art.  Yes, I refer to her like I know her.  It is a little creepy.  Jason knows their names.  I love their blog. Although I am totally a silent lurker.  I just stalk them without interacting.  I never comment and I never participate in little challenges.  But, this time I felt like Sherry was talking straight to me.   I LOVE abstact painting.  I have pinned bunches of them.  Actually, I even pinned some of the examples she gives.  I also follow the blog of Kristen F. Davis who she mentioned in the post.  She basically has my dream job.

The thing about abstract painting is that is it hard.  For real.  I think the greatest misconception is that abstract is easy.  It is tricky to find the right balance.  To know when to add more color and when to add less.  I find this very difficult.  I was actually complaining about how damn hard abstract paintings are on facebook when a friend wrote the most awesome response (Hi Gordon).  He said maybe it is finding the inspriation to do something great that is the difficult part.  And then, he suggested to just paint what moves me.  It was great advice.  I took a deep breath and put away all my pins and ideas.  I stopped trying to replicate other people's work and I just focused on painting what felt right to me.   I ended up with this.  It is abstract-ish.



I loved this board.  It is MDF.  When I bought it, it looked like this.


Yikes!  I found this at Hobby Lobby for $4.  I loved the size and shape so I scooped it up.  A little sanding and gesso I had a lovely blank board to work with.  I actually got two, as you can see below.

Now, I never really share process photos but I thought it would be fun to show my failed attempts at adstract art.  There were several versions before I just gave up and stopped trying to imitate.


Too bright.  No filter on this, it was really that bright.  Still love the idea of color blocks. I might revisit it in the future.


To stripy.  I almost liked them like this.  Almost.  As you can tell, canvas number two got kicked to the curb.  I still have it though, I might attempt abstract painting using what I have as a base.  Maybe.

In the end, I was happy with what I ended up with.


PS.  We had a creative painting night at our church.  Basically, a couple of us just got together and painted.  We all came with a meaningful word or phrase to turn into a canvas to display at the church.


So much fun.  I've shared before about some of my issues about faith and organized religion.  I'm just happy to have found such an open and welcoming community.  Since I'm still sorting out my beliefs, I just stuck to the basics.  God is LOVE.