Spray Paint Your Air Register

Sometimes it is the little quick fixes that make the biggest impact.   Take for example, our air registers.


Umm, gross.  When you live with things for so long you don't always see how bad they look. I know I can't be the only person who gets on the floor to play only to look up and realize that your kitchen cabinets (or walls, or baseboards, and so on) are covered in dust and dirt.  Okay, maybe I don't have the best cleaning schedule, but still sometimes we just get busy with daily life and overlook the little stuff.  And people, it is the little foxes that spoil the vines.  Case in point, my air registers.  Jason was cleaning up the bathroom while I was gone.  Henry's aim is, well, terrible.  He noticed the condition of our registers and told me he was going to do something about them.  At first I informed him they looked fine.  Then he showed me one, whoa.  Rusty, dirty grossness.   Now, we could have bought fancy new ones but that get's expensive fast. We are far to cheap frugal to shell out lots of cash for air vents.

Jason's first step, was to assemble the tools.  He used a drill with a conical (fine) wire brush to take the paint and heavy rust off of the top (most visible) part.  The he used a small brass brush to get in between the slats and rough up the underside of the vent.  A brass brush works best best it is rigid enough to remove rust and "degloss" the paint for maximum adhesion, but not too stiff as to score the metal.


 A dust mask and safety glasses are a must if you do this, but especially so if you use the rotary drill and wire brush.  It makes a lot of dust and could easily sling some fine debris in your eyes if your not careful.


 Then he got his paint on. We went with Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze. This is stuff is all kinds of awesome. We've tried some other brands of metal paint and nothing touched how well this works.  It has great coverage and excellent adhesion.  It's also nice because you can turn the can to spray in any direction (even upside down) and it still sprays fine. The rust inhibiter is nice too especially if you take the top of your vents to bare metal like Jason did.   You do have to make sure the vents are standing up while you paint and while they dry. Otherwise, they will get painted shut. Don't ask us how we know this. We let these puppies cure overnight. This helped them make sure they are more durable and helped get the yuckie paint smell out. It probably would be good to let them hang out two days but I couldn't really have giant holes in the floor while the boys are running around the house. Once they were dry, we put them back in and admired the difference.


 Ooh. Ahhhhhhh. Look how pretty?


 So much better. We've had them in about 2 weeks and they are holding up great. And, they have seen a decent amount of wear. Because they were new, Henry and Alex were drawn to them. They hit them like a drum and tried to shove pencils down them. Not a scratch in sight. Now, we need to address the condition of out 102 year old floors. You know, one day. . . .