Sheet Metal Flower

Okay, remember when I mentioned coming up with a use for the circular gage Jason made when we was working on the fire pit?  No,? Let me remind you.  It looked like this . . . .


When he finished with it, I told him to hold on to it and that I was going to do something with it.  It is three wood sticks held together with a long screw and a wing nut.  Here is it out of the fire pit and on my old picnic table.


A fews day after we built the fire pit, we were hanging out in the yard and I was brain storming up ideas for the stick circle.  Henry said it looked like a flower, so I thought that was a good direction to take it.  But I couldn't come up with what to make the petals out of.  So, I decided to ask my handy Ace helpful husband.  I told him I wanted something like aluminum foil to make petals out of.  It needed to be strong but not so strong that it couldn't be cut.  He thought for a second and said "sheet metal?" My first questions was "is it cheap?"  Yes, it was.  My second question "can I cut it with sissors?"  Yes, I could.  And you probably guessed what my third question was .  . .  "can you go get me some?"

In case you didn't know, sheet metal is freaking awesome.  It was so much fun to work with.  Why haven't I played with it before?  The first thing I did was cut out some petals and slap on some paint.


It was all very unpercise work.  I just eye-balled my petals and then started slinging paint.  Once I got all the paint applied, I stapled those bad boys to the stick.  And, more weird garden art was born.


I know this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I just love it.  It is very quirky and colorful. It was also crazy inexpenisive to make.   My favorite part is that in addition to providing the idea of making it a flower, Henry's little hands were the base of some of the petal designs.


Can you see the loose outline of a toddler hand print?  Henry has been obsessed with having me trace his hands.   As soon as he spotted the paint brush be came over, slapped his hand on the petal (thank goodness the paint was dry) and said "mommy, draw my hand."  I hesitated for a moment and then I thought, why not?  So I traced his hand and then he watched intently has I made bigger and bigger  versions of his hand, sweeping out to the ends of the petals.  It was a sweet moment.

As for the flower itself, I intentionally scratched the paint up a bit on the petal to let some of the metal show through.  Once it was all done, I sealed it with three coats of Krylon Crystal Clear (Acrylic).  I love that stuff.


Hopefully, the flower will serve a practical purpose. I am hoping the shinny metal will keep the birdies away from my Blueberry Bushes.  I know right now they aren't much to look at, but they should get huge.   The small green plant in the middle is a citronella plant.   And look what is on my little lovelies . . .


Holy freaking blueberry!!!! I wasn't expecting anything this year.  Party!

I asked Henry if I needed to make any other sheet metal objects to hang on the fence and he told me he wanted an ant.  Yeah, an ant.   Not so sure about that one.   I think that I might just stick to the flower.