Rocking Chair Refinish, take two

Here is our second chair (see the first here) that we did for Chair-ries Jubilee.  It is my favorite.





Before I show a few detail shots, I want to talk a minute about paint . . . and I have a confession.  First the confession.  I just do the fun work.  I get to come up with the color and style for a piece (project), and then I make nicely ask Jason to sand it, repair it, prime it and paint it.  I take a little time to paint the design on the chair (fun part again!).  Then Jason's seals it.  So, when I say something is a team effort, what I really mean is that I get Jason to do the heavy lifting while I dream up ideas.  Anyways, now that I have fessed ups I wanted to talk about paint.  A year or so ago, we invested in a pneumatic paint sprayer.  Yeah, I totally didn't know what that was.  When I asked Jason to elaborate, he said "it basically allows you to turn any kind of paint into spray paint."  Oh he said the magic words!  Any artsy/crafty folks know that spray paint is the most fabulous thing ever.  Easy, quick and no brush strokes.  And so, on that very day, Jason bought one and we have never looked back.  You can find pneumatic sprayers at just about any hardware store (we recommend Ace Hardware of course).  It does hook up to an air compressor, so you kind of have to have one of those first.  Which, luckily we did have.  If you think you might refinish furniture much at all, it is totally worth the investment.  Way easier (after you get the hang of it) than painting with a brush or a roller and it looks 1000 times better.   Now, on to the close ups . . . .

This pattern was inspired by this older Dwell Studio pattern.  Oh, and I totally put a bird on it.





The color in his bottom photo is more true to the actual color of the chair.  I know it looks a little yellow in some of the photos.  Also, I wanted to show you this pillow that I made to go with it.  This fabric was my starting point for the chair.  I don't know why, but I have an irrational love of this pattern.

All in all, we had a ton of fun working on these chairs.  And, thanks to some awesome friends, Jason and I will actually get to dress up and go to the auction.  Please note these days, dressing up involves putting on anything that doesn't have sticky toddler hand prints on it.  I promise to snap a photo (got to have a record of the fact that I put on makeup).   Now, I've got a birthday party to plan.  Alex is turing one in a couple of weeks (can you believe it has been a year!?!).  By planning of course, I really just mean having an excuse to waste an hour on pinterest.  Better go get busy.