Silverware Wind Chime

I used to think that fall was my favorite time of year, but I am beginning to think that spring might be taking it's spot.  I just love watching the world come to life.  I mentioned that I have been busy turning our backyard into a quirky garden space.  We've had crazy warm weather and I have been taking advantage of it to work outside.  In between digging, weeding, moving furniture, cleaning and keeping Alex from eating grass, I have been day-dreaming up little projects that I could make to add to our funky little space.  Last week I had a break-through.  I decided that it was imperative that I make a wind chime from old silverware.  I wanted to make a wind chime so bad that I took the boys to Goodwill by myself.  BY MYSELF.  That zoo trip really did boost my mothering confidence.  I've not really been thrift store shopping since Alex came along, but I wanted to make a wind chime . . . so there you have it.  And, it wasn't that bad.  Henry only mildly freaked out when I wouldn't let him have every toy he saw.  We came out victorious, with a bag full of orphaned forks and spoons.  And, as a little bonus on my way out I just happened to see a grate that would be prefect to hang my lovely silverware from (my plan was to use a metal embroidery hoop).   In addition to scoring all the loot I needed, it only took me a week to make the wind chime.  In a world with small children this is speedy.  It usually takes me several weeks to knock out projects.

silverware wind chime 

My niece and sister had a debate as to wether it was redneck or hippie to have a silverware wind chime in your yard.  Hippie all the way!  A redneck would just be like why in the world would you make a wind chime out of old junk where as a hippie would see the beauty is repurposing discarded items.  I think my garden will be full of such items.  I just love finding beauty in unexpected places.

silverware wind chime 

This little lovely was pretty simple to make.  First I attempted to flatten my silverware, this was harder than it sounded.  After watching me struggle for a few minites Jason suggested the following set up.


Please ignore my gross carpeted front porch, we are working on that.  As you might imagine pounding silverware flat was quite loud.  But, I didn't care.  I sat out on my front stoop in gross gardening clothes (We can't all look like Bree when we garden) and beat the hell out of my thifted flatware.  And yes, the neighbors and people walking by stared but I just hammered away.  Now, if I had of asked for help I could have gotten them a bit flatter, especially the spoon, they were stubborn little jokers.  But, I've been channeling my inner toddler . . .  . I wanted to do it on my own.  Jason even let me drill.  Shut the front door!  The drill, his percious drills, are normally off limits to me.  No more! I am learning to use power tools (next up, the circular saw!).  I had 16 peices and I won't lie, drilling took some time but I did them all.  Then, I hung my circle grate and tied those bad boys up with fishing line and a few spare beads I had floating around the house.  I dabbed a little craft glue on the knots and to the top of the grate to secure the line placement.  Easy peasy.  And now, the most important part of a chime.  The sound . . . 

I know, beautiful!  I can't believe old forks and spoons can sound so nice.  I've been keeping my kitchen window open and I hear the chime while I am washing dishes.  Wind chimes are the best.

While we are talking about there garden, here are a glimpse at what is going on in the backyard right now.

My dogwoods are blooming . .

My jasmine is growing (and maybe one day it will cover my ugly old fence) . .

yellow jasmine

And my helpers abound.


It is hard to see it but last year Jason made a rain barrel out of an old plastic drum.  Having never used a rain barrel before we didn't think to elevate it, so the spout is so low to the ground that we can't get the watering can under in it.  Since we needed to drain it anyway, we let Henry play in the water. It has been that stinking warm.  He thought he was doing something sneaky.   He had it empty in no time at all.  It has since been moved and elevated.  I am so excited about having it!   Does rain barrel excitement make me a nerd?


I am off to enjoy the afternoon in the yard with the babies and listen to my wind chime.  Oh spring, you have won my heart.