I have been trying to be much more intentional about sketching.  Truthfully I have been a bit lazy about sketching for a last several years.  I used to do it a lot when I was in college but you know how life is, you get busy. I had been kicking around the idea of incorporating more drawing and doodling into my life when I stumbled on to Alisa Burke's blog.  Her sketchbooks are amazing and so inspiring.  She has a great post (which you can read here) about what she uses to sketch.  So, I set about getting me a little "sketch kit" all ready to go.  If I wasn't inspired enough, I was lucky enough to win a free spot in her "Beneath the Surface" class.  The class deals with surface design which is greatly improved by . . you guessed it . . sketching (aka exploring the world around you).  Quick note about the class, her classes are unlimited access and it is awesome.  It has allowed me to take it slow and really soak in all her info.  Alot of online classes have a firm start and end date.  I like her teaching style too.  I am hoping to take her watercolor class soon.  Okay, back to the sketching . . .

Here is what is in my little bag (that I made):


I have a Koi Travel Watercolor set, it is amazing and worth ever penny. It comes with a really cool paint brush that has water in it so you don't have to have a water vessel with you to paint.  This also makes it easy to paint with grabby little toddler hands around.  I have my favorite green H2 drawing pencil and gray gummy easier.  I have a several markers and pens.  And, in my pencil case I have some little rags that I use for blotting up excess water when painting.  Speaking of my pencil bag, my friend (hi Jenn) picked it up for me in Cambodia.  It is made from a recycled cement bag, very cool. And, last but not least, I have the most glorious sketchbook.  I splurged and got a moleskin watercolor book.  Oh my word, I love it.  I have never had something so nice.  Something about it just makes you want to be creative.  The main reason I "justified" purchasing it was the durable cover and elastic closer.  I wanted something that wasn't going to be ruined banging around in my purse.  But really, I just wanted something fussy and I got it at good price on amazon.

And now, a few pages . . .





I am hoping my new set up will help me keep sketching! I am also hopping that I am able to keep it away from toddler hands, they have away of finding things . . .

PS.  Speaking of art fun, I am teach paint classes at our local Michael's!  Click here to find out more!