Blessing Banner

Jason . . okay . . .Jason and most of our friends give me crap about having a little hippie streak. I am far removed from a real hippie.  But, I have been known to make my clothes and bread.  Alright, I have also made my own deodorant  (more on that later).  I promise I will NEVER stop shaving my arm pits.  While I have some crunchy tendency, I am still not quiet hippie material.  All that to say, as I was hanging my hand made blessing banner that I made for the Art of Giving Class that I am taking all I kept thinking is "this is sure gonna bring on some hippie jokes."  And, they would be deserved.  I mean nothing says free loving hippie like a hand made blessing banner.  But you know what, I don't care because I love it.



I do love it.  It makes me happy to look at it.  I don't think it is something I would permanently incorporate into my kitchen decor but for the time being it is delightful.  Practically speaking, the wall with my kitchen sink is a bit of a bland. So, this colorful banner cheers the space up.  I have visions of redoing the cabinets and tiling the back splash but let's be honest that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.  Beyond brightening up the space, I really love the idea of filling my home with words of blessing.  Yes, I just wrote that sentence.  I feel like I should go light some incense and start adding patchouli to my handmade lotion.  Regardless of how silly it seems, I enjoyed the process of picking my words and creating the banner.  Looking at it makes me think of all the blessings and gifts that are in our lives.   I initially tackled the class project because I wanted to experiment with painting on unstretched canvas, which I thought was a little tricky.  The project actually turned out to be relaxing and mediative.  The teacher mentioned the idea of making this as a gifts.  I think a mini one (like to hang on a bulletin board) would be such a nice gift for someone.  And, it would further push me into hippiness.





For fun . .


See the little bottle?  It is a syrup bottle from Cracker Barrel.  I got the idea from my mother-in-law.  She eats breakfast there with some friends and one of the ladies came up with the idea.  I think it makes the sweetest little bud vase.

PS.  I blame this softness on the boys. I still shop at Target, frequent Starbucks, use paper towels and live with a healthy does of cynicism and sarcasm.  I still have a far way to go to full fledge free loving hippie status.  Now I am off to wash clothes with homemade detergent and make some pear preserves  . . . .