Yellow, I lvoe you

I decided to participate it a little blog challenge. I never do things like this but I have been wanting to paint more and the Creative Color Challenge seemed to be the perfect motivator for me.  Committing to paint one painting each week for the month of August seemed like the kick in the pants I needed.  On Sunday of each week the host (I don't know her I just stumbled across her blog) picks a color and you have to create a work of art using only the chosen color, black and white.  There was only one color that I desperately wanted her to pick, and that was yellow.  I had a painting in mind that I wanted for our bedroom make over.  And, yes the first week the color was yellow.  I was so excited.  Then, this week happened.

This week was nuts and I am not really sure why.  Just silly. Everything we have tried to get done this week has taken much longer than we anticipated.  On top of everything taking forever, Henry has been super clingy.  I have no idea why, he has never been this way but for the last few days he just wants to be held. All. The. Time. The combination of this has had me a little stressed out.  I spent Thursday afternoon trying desperately to finish my painting. I wanted to finish it so I that I could reclaim my dinning room table.  We already had to eat Wednesday's dinner in the living room because you couldn't see the table for all my painting stuff.  I have a total hang up with eating dinner at the table.  So, I spent all Thursday painting like a mo fo.  At 4 pm I jumped up and ran to the farmer's market downtown to pick up some fresh veggies.  I got caught in a crazy thunderstorm and came home soaking wet at 4:15 pm with my veggies.  I walked in and had to suppress a scream.  I had miss-spelled love on my painting.  I came home to read a painting that said LVOE. I was so focused on the details that I transposed the letters.  I was so angry and frustrated.  I almost didn't even write about the mistake but then I thought what is the point of sharing your life if you aren't going to talk about the screw ups as well as the successes? Or, in this case, my stupid mistakes. Needless to say I was in the most despicable mood yesterday evening because of my oversight.  After a slight temper tantrum I set about fixing it.  It was a total and complete pain in the butt, but I did it. I woke this morning and starting working on the painting first thing and by 11 am I was done.

Once I finished the painting I managed to run a few errands, clean the house, play with Henry, meet our friends new baby, put away all my art supplies and make a totally amazing dinner. We won't. . . ahem . . talk about the three loads of laundry that still haven't been put away, the furniture that I am refinishing that isn't finished yet and the mess that we have in both our bedrooms because of out little home renovation. But, still this evening I was able to take a few moments to rejoice in the creation of my own hands.  And that, that is why I love to create.  I adore the feeling of looking at something and knowing that I made it. Me. My own two hands made the object before me.  It is such a deep sense of satisfaction. And, a few failures and delays along the way makes the success even sweeter.

And now, I give you my painting:

Here it is with Ann standing beside it. I just wanted to give you an idea of the size.  It is quite large.  I plan on hanging it over my bed once we finish our little room remodel.


The text is taken from Shakespeare's sonnet 116.  I know it is a bit over done, but I love the sonnet so much.  I wish I could say that it was because I was a student of classic poetry but it is because my mother's favorite movie was Sense and Sensibility.  Anyway, I love it and I just couldn't get it out of my head when I was working on the painting.

Oh, quick note of accreditation.  The trellis pattern on my painting was totally inspired by this piece of furniture.  When I saw it a few days ago I thought it would make a lovely background for a painting.

And, the post wouldn't be complete without a photo of my delicious dinner. Behold my galette:


Isn't it lovely?  It was just was yummy as it looks.  I originally planned on making it on Thursday but it was delayed due to the painting mishap.  Better late than never.

I followed this recipe.  I am obsessed with this dough. I am already planning my next galette.

Hope you find a chance to create something lovely this weekend.

PS.  Yes, Jason won't stop telling me he lvoes me.

P.P.S.  If you would like, you can click here to see some of the other yellow works of art that were created this week.