The Table

Jason and I built a table. You read that right, WE BUILT A TABLE!?! Oh and two benches to go with the table. How did we accomplish such a feat you ask? We could have never done it with out the help of Ana White at Knock Off Wood. We had wanted to give our dinning room a little face lift for a while and as you know the center piece of a dinning room is the table. But dinning room tables are expensive and we couldn't find anything we wanted that was in our price range. Then, oh then, Cassie showed me Knock Off Wood and I thought that I'd died and went to heaven. The plans are geared toward non-builders. While it didn't come without a little bit of work, it really wasn't that hard. The benches were a little tricky though but not too bad. Actually, we had a lot of fun doing it. The first night we started building, we stayed up until 2 am (which is crazy late for us). Then for the next week we spent every night out in the shop either building or finishing. Speaking of finishing, finishing is half the work. The building was nice and simple it was the painting, sanding, staining and sealing that seemed to take forever. That is how great Ana at Knock of Wood is, she makes it so the building is simpler than the finishing. We rushed to get the project finished in time for Easter dinner. I am happy to report that the table and one of the benches made it. The second bench is finished but it didn't quite have time to seal. Anyway, without further ado our proudest DIY to date:

The table is based on this plan for a rustic farm house table, we did shorten the table by two feet. The original table was a tad too long for our dining room.


The bench was built using this plan for a rustic bench.

Now to the question on everyone's mind . . . . how much did it cost?

Lumber for Table: $67
Lumber for the Benches (we built two): $33
Supplies (that we didn't already own such as stain, wood filler and some fine sand paper): $42
Grand total for out new dinning room set: $142!

We couldn't even have dreamed about buying a solid wood dinning room set for this amount. Not only did we save a ton of money but we now have a piece of furniture that we made with our hands. I am so excited for all the dinners, art projects and family game nights that we will get to enjoy with Henry at this table.

Next up . . the dining room before and after photos.

PS. Okay, a small disclaimer . . . we have a shop to build in and Jason has every and any tool that we could have possibly needed for this project. We have 3 drills, a palm sander, a jigsaw, a table saw, and a miter saw (and many more) most of which we used while building. Also, Jason already knew a good bit about capentry and tools (since he works in a hardware store) So, this project would have been a lot harder if we hadn't had those resources available. That being said, there are LOTS of projects on Knock Off Wood that you could tackle that wouldn't require as much. We are hooked on building. I have a list a mile long of things that we are going to build next!