In the summer of 2014 I completed a mural under the over pass of the 20th street bridge on the Cleveland/Bradley Greenway in Cleveland, TN. I volunteered my time to make this mural come to life.  It was made possible by all the generous and kind members of our community.  The project was funded by donations from individuals and businesses.   I want to thank all the kids and adults who braved the heat and humidity to help me.  I'm so lucky to live in such a great community. 

Some Fun Facts about the mural: 

  • This took over 30 hours of painting
  • I had over 20 volunteers help with the cleaning, priming and background painting
  • The painting itself was done with 100% recycled paint
  • I was only bitten by two ducks (seriously feed the ducks or face their wrath :) )
  • I destroyed three paint brushes doing the detail work
  • Henry (my five year old) put some red blobs of paint on the wall when I wasn't looking so I turned them into lady bugs.  I also hid a bunch more for the kiddios to find while walking by.
  • I wish I had kept count of all the friendly strangers who encouraged me while I was painting (it was amazing).  Basically, it was everyone who came by. 
  • I donated my time.  I didn't make any money off this.  All funds raised went to supplies.  
  • Mural is a little longer than 40 feet and 7 feet tall under bridge (9 on end caps)
  • I had never painted anything bigger that 4 feet before this.

A time lapse video of the mural 

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